aUK Clinic - The Skin Specialists


aUK Clinic Stamford is the home to the finest aesthetic treatments, researched, developed and delivered by Clinic Directors Chris and Michelle.



  • Treat you within a safe and clinical environment
  • Treat your information confidentially and maintain your privacy
  • To work within the guidelines provided by the Association Of Aesthetic Practitioners (AAP)
  • Maintain our knowledge and skills through continuing training and education
  • Provide free consultations before treatment
  • Carry out appropriate client assessments to advise what treatments are best to treat your area of concern (even if we don’t provide them, we will refer you to someone who can)
  • We will provide you with all facts and information about products and treatments in order for you to make informed decisions
  • Offer a wide range of bespoke treatments to suit your needs and your budget
  • Review our clients to ensure that our clinical interventions are progressing as expected
  • Ensure our clients can contact us post treatment, our professional duty extends beyond clinical hours


Meet Michelle

“Your skin is a journey”

Michelle is the lead aesthetician and director at aUk Stamford 

With a friendly, honest and gentle approach to aesthetics Michelle’s professionalism and ethos is “Prevention is better than cure”

She is delighted to meet consult and guide all clients on their journey to Look & Feel amazing!

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Meet Chris

Chris is a leading aesthetic educator and  director of a-training centres nationwide for his aesthetic students.

Member of the HABIA board of directors his ethos is delivering client safe and holistic approaches enabling all auk clients to look and feel amazing.

Chris is renowned for researching and developing advanced treatments creating his personal brand – Dermal Definition.