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Established over 10 years ago, aUK has evolved to become a full blown Cosmetic MediSpa & Hair Salon, serving clients of all ages, with friendly smiles, comfortable settings and the highest professional standards. The aUK ethos is delivering client safe and holistic approaches enabling all aUK guests to look & feel amazing! aUK Stamford is the home to the finest aesthetic treatments, researched, developed and delivered by Clinical Director Chris Wade and Aesthetic Practitioner and Medi-Spa Director Michelle Wilson.

aUK is a ‘one-stop shop’ where clients can find all their beauty, body and aesthetics needs catered for, from hairdressing to brows to injectables to skincare products to laser treatments and weight loss. So many people are time-short nowadays that offering a complete health and beauty solution in one place simplifies things hugely for busy clients. It’s stunning glass-sided balcony overlooking the River well and the views of the wildlife, there is something about river views that always make you feel calm, and the stress levels really do go down as you step inside.

Dedicated to the pursuit of cutting edge cosmetic anti-ageing treatments, Detox, Fat loss, weight loss and all round well-being treatments aUK Stamford is packed with beneficial treatments delivered by a professional, friendly and heart warming team. Making your stay one you will want to revisit time and time again…


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