Personalised Treatment Plan

YOU are Unique, So why isn’t YOUR treatment plan?

Everyone is different, different shapes, sizes, heights, weights, skin types, the list goes on.  At aUK we recognise this and feel it’s time to move away from the traditional way of running an aesthetics clinic and offer –

Bespoke personalised treatment plans for clients


How do I get my personalised treatment plan?

Simply fill in the short form below or call us on 01780751550 and we’ll be in touch to get you booked in for a no obligation consultation with one of our team of experienced aesthetics + wellness practitioners.

What happens at my appointment?

You’ll meet with one of our team who will talk to you about your areas of concern the appointment will take around 30 minutes.

We’ll look at all the ways that we can assist you in achieving whatever your goal is, explaining all the various treatment options.

We will adopt a holistic approach to the appointment, meaning we won’t just look at one area in isolation but we’ll take the whole body into consideration when planning treatments with you.

How much does a personalised care plan cost?

There is a £25 charge for the appointment, this can be redeemed towards your treatment plan or any treatments at aUK Clinic in the future. So if you decide to book a treatment at your consultation your personalised plan will effectively cost you nothing!

Personalised Care Appointment Request

  • Best number to contact you on for your booking
  • We will do our best to accommodate your request,